Collaborative design work with illustrator Louise Byng. Responding to the theme of 'creativity' and 'play' for the Birmingham Glug event 'Midlands Masters #2'. We submitted a heraldry inspired poster based on the Birmingham crest, and adhering to a set colour palette of orange, turquoise, and plum.

The design we created broke the 'Rule of Tincture', the cardinal rule when designing heraldry, which stipulates that only specific colour combinations - representing materials and hues - can be used in conjunction with one another. The rule of Tincture is so closely followed, that any violation is presumed to be intentional, and to invite speculation. Known as Armes Fausses derives, or 'False Arms'.

Using the dual representation of arts and trade in the creative sector, our reworked motif depicts creativity as a modern and personal expression, something that resonates with Birmingham's identity and history as a city. The assemblage itself is low-fi and laid out in a tableau set-up, keeping much of the construction visible in order to share with the audience the process and materiality of the work

The design was selected as the winning entry and exhibited alongside shortlisted designs at glug birmingham's Midland Masters event on 20th November 2014.

"We received some fantastic entries, but Louise and Laurie’s design was unlike anything else! Their clever interpretation of the theme makes great use of the limited colour palette, whilst combining hand made and digital image-making to produce a fun and playful design that really stands out."

- Lisa Hassell, Director of Inkygoodness

Featured at Glug Birmingham, Boxxed - 'Midland Masters #2'
20th November 2014

Featured at Ort Gallery - 'Schwarmerei 2017'
11th May - 8th July 2017

'Armes Fausses' - carboard, staples, timber, tripod.

Photographs by Chris Hurrell (far left, centre left), and Jack Spicer Adams (centre right, far right)
Laurie Ramsell and Louise Byng
Boxxed, Birmingham