“This exhibition is part of a wider programme at BOM presenting art at the frontiers of science. It brings together new ‘living’ artworks by Gina Czarnecki, John Hurt and Laurie Ramsell that responded to developments in landmark genetic research.

West Midlands based artist Laurie Ramsell has worked alongside Dr. Simon Park from the University of Surrey and Professor Ferenc Mueller from the University of Birmingham to explore the organisms that are studied in the development of new human medicines. His piece Homdanio Birmingamensis (2017) is a sculpture made from bacterial cellulose (a strong foldable substance produced by bacteria) and the artists own DNA. It takes the visual form of a zebrafish embryo, which are currently being studied due to similarities between the human and zebrafish genetic code.”

Louise Latter

Featured at Birmingham Open Media - 'Genecraft: Art in the Biogenetic Age'
22nd February - 13th May 2017

'Homdanio Birminghamensis' - bacterial cellulose, fish scales, human hair

Photographs by Louise Byng, John Fallon, Simon Parks.