The 'Concrete Jungle' is an evocative image, one of humanities brutalism over nature. Its materials are alchemical; the transmutation of sand into glass; lime and clay into mortar; ore into iron and steel. It is that human intervention into nature- our art, our techne - which takes these natural resources and turns them into something new, uniquely human. This is a world created through destruction, yet nothing in nature is ever destroyed, only transformed - a molecular rebirth.

My work has refelcted on this idea of cyclical rebirth, from matter, to reproduction. The materials I have used have been wrought from their natural origins, made anew into something identifiable to our consumerist understanding. These 'golems' give thanks to their Great Mother for their rebirth in meditative and ceremonious offering of their material souls. Although they are 'other' to their material ancestors - the plants, rocks, and animals - they present themselves in new, refined forms - timber, canvas, plastic - and seek approval from their Great Mother for an existence they never asked for.

This work was commissioned by MAIA Creatives, to produce visual outputs for the release of Deci4Life's new album 'I Am My Mother's Child'.

Featured at Birmingham Open Media - 'I Am My Mother's Child'
28th August 2015

'Untitled' - astro turf, cardboard, plaster, wood.

Photographs by Marcin Sz